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My Relationship With Popcorn

by on Jun.14, 2012, under Random Writings on Relationship

Since I couldn’t break my popcorn eating habit, I decided it was time to break myself of my microwave popcorn habit. I prepared by getting my popcorn directions from my friend, Dan Erdman. Not only a musician, Dan is a master at making popcorn to perfection. Not one kernel is ever burnt. His is the best popcorn I’ve ever eaten. Given that I’ve ingested a whole lot of it in my long lifetime, I consider myself an expert on tasting popcorn.

All the ingredients were assembled. Along with the three test kernels and the oil, I put the lid on the pan. Pop, pop, pop. The three kernels were perfect. Ah, all is well. I must be good at this, I concluded. Then all was ready for the rest of kernels. I closed the lid. Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, I was listening intently for a break in the popping, so I would know it was done.

Uh oh! Smoke poured out and I smelled the pot burning. I knew what to do. Instinctively, I moved it to another burner, turned off the heat and opened the lid.

That last instinct wasn’t so good. The popcorn leaped all over my old-fashioned stove. Popcorn slid under the iron grill and multiplied out to all four burners.

Instinct came in again as I grabbed a potholder and moved the pan to the table. Not a good idea. The popcorn kept popping over the pan and onto the floor. Before I knew it, I had stepped on wayward popcorn. As I placed a hot pad under the pan and onto the table, popcorn spread all over the table, bouncing as it went. Burning oil laden kernels even jumped to my arms and hands. Rubbing my skin, I had no time to deal with my injury.

A major mess, I shook my head as I reassessed the damage. My skin was on fire and the pot was burnt. The kitchen looked like a disaster zone with oil and popcorn on the stove, the floor and the table. There was not the slightest payoff. The popcorn was ruined.

What went wrong? At first, I didn’t want to know. I was sure I had followed the directions.

Of course you, dear reader, know by now where I went astray. Finally, I figured it out. I did not turn off the heat after the 3 kernels popped. A rude lesson. Still, after scrubbing the pot for two days and cleaning up the stove, floor and table, I promised myself I’d make my next batch correctly on the stove and not go back to microwave.

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  • Aureal


    It feels like you will have a cozy evening with perfectly popped popcorn next time. Failure is the road to success, yes?

  • Nancy Broermann

    Ah… I remember burning popcorn many times. When not burnt, it is my favorite too!

  • marifran

    Thanks for telling me, Nancy. Now that I know I’m in good company, I feel much better.

  • marifran

    Failure IS the road to success when we hold it that way. Thanks for your wisdom.

  • Karen Wythe

    What a fun time in the kitchen! It’s those moments that the unexpected happens that let’s us know we’re living. That bit of frenzy with the kernels going everywhere had warm your heart with a chuckle. I can just picture it. Back in the day of stove top popcorn I would never turn off the heat but I did lift the pot, held the lid and shook it like crazy. It was a lot of effort.

    Now, I rely on my trusty air popper. It makes great popcorn. Never a burnt kernel in the bowl. Simply turn it on add the kernels & in a few minutes you have wonderful popcorn. I use Olivio spray & popcorn seasoning to flavor it. Yummmy.

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