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My Relationship with Cancer, Part 17

by on Nov.12, 2015, under Overcoming Cancer

It’s now been five and a half years since I was diagnosed. A ‘long and windy’ road for sure. It’s risky doing it my way. I could lose, and lose big.

My choice is not something I advocate for anyone else. The traditional route could kill me as well as the non-traditional. People takes sides. I’m only sharing my choices and reasons that apply to no one else. Had I had surgery as was advised, I truly think I would not be here today. Now I have lived beyond the five-year cancer success date. And I’ve lived happily and passionately, knowing that each day is a gift. Some things I’ve learned is that I must focus on what uplifts me, and what keeps me going. I’m no longer willing to keep people in my life that do not value me.

Yet, living five and a half years is not enough for me. Looking ahead, I still don’t know what will completely turn the ship around. Not for a minute can I be sure what kept the tumor from going to stage two, despite the fact that the tumor is close to the ureter and the blood supply.

Last December, the CT scan showed that the tumor had grown for the 4th year. It was stage one, but any larger and it would be stage 2, whether it spread to other organs or not. This was my last year to get it under control on my own. If it grew, I’d be in deeper trouble.

To make matters worse, reluctantly I had to forego Low Dose Naltrexone, a prescription drug. It was getting harder to obtain. Though it may have kept the tumor from growing a lot, after 2 1/2 years of use, it had not stopped the continual growth.

So, with lots of research, I decided to try Artemisinin, a drug that is easy to acquire on Amazon without a prescription. With constant research in books and on web, I know what I’ll do and won’t do. Consistently, I receive and practice Reiki. Yoga, Tai-Chi and Qigong also are frequent practices. Continually, I meditate and exercise. Daily I eat well, take supplements, and have fun. I appreciate every morsel of life.

Last Monday, I had a CT scan. From the CD of the scan, I saw that the tumor looked a tiny bit smaller. Next day, I picked up the radiology report. The tumor is 1 mm smaller on one side and 4 mm smaller on another side. Though it is not all I had hoped for, I am relieved and encouraged.

However, the report refers to the tumor as basically the same size, despite the numbers. Evidently, it’s not an important distinction for the medical field. It is for me, though. For the first time, it has shrunk rather than grown!! It’s the same size it was two years ago.

What put a damper on the excitement was the scary words: “it may have metastasized.” The report said that it may have metastasized to my left lung since there is a new nodule there. After studying past chest scan reports, I realize that this is a new nodule on my lungs. Yet, what I recognize is that my lungs have had other nodules that have disappeared. Each one has been in a different part of my lungs. So I am not going to worry. This new one can disappear, too.

If the new spot means stage 2 cancer, then it will be a difficult game changer. I declare the smaller size kidney tumor is a healthy game changer.

To me this is a success. This gives me hope the tumor will continue to downsize in my kidney, and in my life.

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  • Jane S Miller

    Dear Mary Fran, My Heroine, as in… woman admired or idealized for her courage, and outstanding achievements, a.k.a. creating and sustaining a successful life, most well-lived. I send you my admiration and love.

  • Jane S Miller

    and….a hearty thank you for including me in that life-well lived.

  • Steve Broermann

    Thank you for sharing your courageous and inspirational journey. It is truly great news that the spot in your kidney has shrunk. I have noticed that the medical community is slow to celebrate such events. I feel that you are truly on the best path.

  • marifran

    Thanks, Steve. Friends like you keep me going.

  • marifran

    Huge love across the miles sent your way, Jane Miller!

  • Karen Wythe

    Keep on listening to your best path.
    Holding you in the light of wellness.
    Marifan, you walk the talk! Stay strong!
    You are loved!

  • Rosemary Molloy

    Marifran, I’m ignorant about cancer (just has happy to be), so have followed your accounts with close attention. Seems to me you have reason to be optimistic–cautiously, yes, but optimistic. Certainly, your body is yours. It doesn’t belong to the medical profession or the state or the church, but only you. (Well, you can lend it out to Ed.) Nobody knows it better than you and nobody should dictate its treatment unless you permit it. The fact that there’s been a shrinkage, small or not, is so good to know. I love you, Cuz, and am sending loving thoughts to you.

  • Betty Pack

    Marifran, You are so brave and such a good student of life and your physical being. You are a very good role model. Only suggesting, not preaching. Blessings to you and your family.

  • Joann Sommer

    Good morning Marifran,
    It is always good to read your blogs. I love your powerful intentions. You are wise in so many ways. You challenge the logical path of western medicine practice. I’m sure you have enlightened several of your doctors/specialists along this path and fairly certain they’re (quietly) keeping a close eye on how you’re responding. So proud of you. I share your story a lot. Love you always.

  • Deb Paris

    Oh, Marifran!

    Here’s to many, many more 5-1/2 years lumped together. You are such an advocate for doing what is right for you. I admire you, support you in your journey and pray for your continued healing. May the medical field continue to be “enlightened” by your belief that you know what is best for you. Hugs to you.


  • Nancy Wachter

    I was just thinking about you this morning. How much I love you and what an inspiration you are. I’m really glad to have you as a friend. Keep on living beautifully and with heart.

  • Bill Barone

    You are a very courageous and inspirational women to many. I an honor to know you. You are in my heart and prayers always.

    Your friend always….Bill

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