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Book Give Away Day is here. This is it.  Get your chance for a variety of books by going to

Today, Tuesday, October 22, 2009 many books will be gifted.

For a mini version of a talk radio show interview between Catherine VanWetter and me,  click on the following:

The Weed That Broke Through the Sidewalk – Marifran Korb

More information about the book can be found on yesterdays post.

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Overcomers, Inc.

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About the book
Overcomers, Inc: True stories of hope, courage, and inspiration is the perfect book to read when you need a lift.  Filled with gripping stories by 36 people from all walks of life, Overcomers, Inc will make you smile, move you to tears, and fill you with the strength you need to face life’s challenges.

Mission Statement
Overcomers, Inc: True stories of hope, courage, and inspiration will give readers the knowledge and emotional resilience to face the most difficult times of life by sharing inspiring stories of triumph and fortitude. Over 90 leading experts are supporting the launch of Overcomes. Inc.

Love Your Life Publishing exists so that you can literally love your life.

Read one excerpt from my chapter titled:

The Weed That Broke Through the Sidewalk
by Marifran Korb

Starting over has resulted in both of us being happier beyond our wildest dreams. We found the delight and self-expression we wanted. Once apart for five years, now we have been back together for twelve delightful, fun-filled, precious years. As a Joint Adoration Society, our motto is:

Together we evolve, joyful, healthy, triumphant partners in the dance of life!

Here are some things I learned through my journey:

· Staying in an unsatisfactory marriage kills your spirit and your spouse’s, no matter who is the primary cause.

· You cannot take responsibility for a spouse who refuses to address his health issues. (Chronic depression is a physical problem manifesting emotionally).

· The universe is always supporting you, even though you often resist the next step.

· You own your life, and must take responsibility for your happiness and satisfaction.

· Despite the fact that you have not lived on your own for decades, as a single person again you can find your talents, support yourself financially, and experience full satisfaction.

· Friends are everywhere. Many old friends and new people show up.

· Separating can result in blessings you never imagined.

· Eventually, you may support others who have similar experiences.

Every marital situation is different. My story is not a prescription for other unhappy marriages to follow. It is an example of what may be a possible solution in some situations. What I recommend is applying courage whenever needed. At every juncture in your life, tune into your courage by listening to your inner guidance.


A heartfelt Thank You to the 90+ experts offering bonus offers for Overcomers Inc.

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