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by on Oct.18, 2011, under Random Writings on Relationship

… the kaleidoscope of trees dressed in gorgeous shades of orange, yellow, and red. Evergreens give just enough green to accent the deciduous tree colors this time of year.

Change surrounds me and affects all my senses. I love the varied shaped leaves and how they fall. Some flip over and tumble-spin in a circular, somersault fashion and some plummet straight down in Olympic diver fashion. Some leaves swing and sway in a zigzag pattern, and some dive gently with no particular pattern. Each has its own dance of descent. It’s amusing, especially when many different leaves fall in various ways all at the same time.

The freshness of the air rejuvenates my sense of smell after the sultry summer. The shapes and colors of the pumpkins, the gourds and the corn appeal to my visual sense. Their textures stimulate my tactile sense. The strong, tangy smell of apples waft around me.

As in any relationship there are changes, and those can cause some slightly mixed feelings. Changes occur in the sunlight coming into the house at different angles and the earlier evenings. I feel some loss of direct light and warmth. When I come to terms with less light and earlier evenings, I find ways I can enjoy it. For one, there is more snuggle time.

When trees are bare, I enjoy seeing the trunk and branch structure. Each tree has its unique look. And when trees are leaf-free, I can see the sunrises and sunsets that are hidden by the leaves during the warm seasons. Every season has something to look forward to.

Taste buds change from light meals to heavier fare. Squash comes into my recipes, along with chili on the chilly nights. Hardy thick stew replaces thin soup.

Sounds change. Leaf blowers swap out lawn mowers. Crickets are quiet. Flies no longer buzz. The crackling of dry leaves under my feet tingle my senses. I’m ready to make a pile of leaves and jump in the center. Now who will join me?

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