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by on Feb.19, 2011, under Random Writings on Relationship

The healthiest response to life is joy. ~Deepak Chopra♥

My friendships strengthen me all the time. Friends have contributed greatly to me, especially during the early part of this health crisis. There have been so many mental, emotional, physical and spiritual gifts, I hope I am not forgetting any.

Right after I told the first few people, dear friends gave me a variety of fresh, healthful spices, quinoa, and garlic from Findlay Market. Another friend gave me wheat grass supplements, while another gave me mullein root.

Many friends gave me useful books, workbooks, tapes, CDs and DVDs on a variety of alternative healing arts. All made a difference, and many I use regularly and share with others.

One friend gave me a three months supply of Pro-Pax vitamins that energized me. Other friends did healing energy work for me.

My Qigong friend and teacher called often directing me to the work of William Bengston. Right away, I began doing an exercise from the articles and excerpts from Bengston’s book. Another friend directed me to Chunyi Lin’s books and CDs on Spring Forest Qigong. Many others sent me web information.

Some friends gave me comfort gifts, such as frequent phone calls, greeting cards, e-mails, e-cards, and other fun things such as a figurine Healing Angel.

Many people put me their group Prayer List. It is such a privilege to be on anyone’s Prayer List, and it is even more amazing to be prayed for by whole groups of healers, church members, and others whom I have never met. While not surprised, I am humbled by the overwhelming generosity that has flowed from so many.

Whether openly expressed or not, the outpouring of love is the wind at my back. No matter what I have had to face, I felt the fear and moved forward with joy knowing I have so many loving people around me here, across the country and on other continents. I am grateful to every one of you.

On my kitchen table, I put a small Mylar balloon with the word “Party.” It makes me happy to see it. When I conducted Blog Radio interviews, I moved the balloon to my office just to remind myself to keep the interview light.

In September I chose to get another CT Scan, so I went to new urologist. Knowing it would also be a second opinion, I thought for sure Dr. B., the head of UC’s Urology Department, would tell me the same thing that Dr. K. told me, in a word “surgery.”

Seeing my previous CT Scans and reports, Dr. B said that what he could see did not look like a tumor. He was not sure what it was.

While afraid to be elated, I still hoped it was not a tumor. Sending me for a 3 Dimensional CT Scan, Dr. B. personally called me later in the week to say that it was indeed a tumor.

Back in his office, he said that there was a 25% chance that the tumor was benign. He suggested that I could have a biopsy to determine whether it is benign or malignant. While still pondering this shocking piece of news about the possibility that the tumor could be benign, Dr. B. mentioned that the results of a biopsy are not always accurate. It’s then that I told him I am sure I want no part of any biopsy.

What followed, I had to ask him twice if I heard correctly. Dr. B. informed me that I could live with the tumor, even if it is malignant. It will likely grow a millimeter a year. He felt sure that I had the tumor for a very long time. Dr. B suggested I come back in a few months and get an ultrasound. My appointment is March 4.

Realizing that the tumor could grow faster than Dr. B thinks and it could move to other organs, I knew that whatever door I choose the lion could devour me. It could go badly if I waited and it could go badly if had a nephrectomy, or even a biopsy. Whatever I choose is a risk.

Since Dr. B was not suggesting surgery or not pushing the biopsy button, I chose for now to continue eating healthfully, taking supplements, practicing spirituality, feeling peaceful, and celebrating friends.

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