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by on Dec.05, 2010, under Random Writings on Relationship

After reading a lot of information on the internet and searching through book stores, I added another supplement, one that stimulates the immune system. Meanwhile, I continued avoiding any food with added sugar, including even most well respected cereals. Steel cut oats was my main breakfast and only the fruit I added changed daily. Knowing that fruit had fructose, I did not think it would be a problem. Being such a healthy food, fruit was a staple of my diet.

One day in June, I called into the company making the fermented wheat germ product, the receptionist handed me over to a product expert named David. Mine was a simple question about the timing of ingesting the product suggested on the box. An easy conversationalist, David answered my question and talked about aspects of cancer. I shared that I was taking two supplements along with wheatgrass, several herbal supplements including four tumeric tablets equaling 2,000 mg. and a sugar free, alcohol free diet. David said: “Bump up the tumeric to 4,000 mg. daily.”

Unsure if I was doing enough, I confessed I had no medical guidance on my do-it-myself journey. Asking my location, David recommended Dr P at the La Valle Institute where three doctors practice. Thanking him, I immediately googled Dr P. Since she is listed as a gynecologist, I was skeptical, and called anyway. I left a message saying that I had cancer and I would take any doctor that was available.

The office manager, Mary, called back from her home at my dinner time and apologized for being too busy to call sooner. She had taken my name home with her and was calling from her kitchen. Assuring me that it was Dr. P that I should see, I made an appointment.

Asking me how I found the institute, I told her about the friendly man associated with two of the supplements I take. Mary said, “Oh yes, David. He’s the owner of that supplement company. Dr. P likes those products you are taking.”

On July 28, I showed up at Dr. P’s office. The first thing she asked me was what I had for breakfast. Proudly I answered: “Steel cut oats, milk and banana. Her response came swift and emphatic: “No grain, no dairy, and no fruit. Only organic meat and vegetables.”

Later, Dr. P amended the fruit rule saying that if I had any fruit, I had to eat three times as many vegetables with it.” Oh, mixing it with vegetables would kill my love of fruit. My sweet tooth was already reeling from the no-sugar rule I imposed on myself. Now having to limit fruit was a shock.

After testing my metabolism with Electro Dermal Screening, Dr. P declared I was doing quite well. The doctor and I both agreed that if the cancer grows, I’d go for surgery while continuing the supplements. Dr. P assured me it is safe to get another CT scan in four months to check the status. If the tumor stays the same or gets smaller, I’ll just keep taking supplements.

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