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Celebration: My Relationship with Life

by on Mar.24, 2012, under Random Writings on Relationship

Basically, my philosophy is that life is a celebration. That’s why in 1993, I started my business “Rising To The Occasion” and became a Celebrations Consultant.

Even in difficult times, there is something to celebrate. If that seems foreign, then you can develop the frame of mind that creates that attitude.

Often people ask me how do I celebrate. That question comes from thinking that celebration is all rah-rah. Sometimes, celebration is simply honoring something by giving thanks quietly within.

Celebration can take almost as many forms as the occasions to celebrate. Most of the time, we don’t acknowledge what there is to celebrate. Presently, I am connected to Your Hidden Advantage, a company that serves busy people. My consulting service is part of Family Advantage: Celebrations.

More on this later.

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