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by on Jan.24, 2010, under Random Writings on Relationship

“Writing is the first step in the transformation of our intangible love to the tangible form.” – D. Richard Bellamy

Until love moves into words it remains a feeling that an individual alone can access or nurture.  It does not communicate.  If love is never expressed in words or deeds, it is a fantasy.   Writing gives it depth, length, height, and aliveness.  There’s a physical, mental, and physical dimension added to the emotional when it is on paper.   It allows us to see, experience and understand.   From there we can shift love to a deeper level.   That love becomes tangible since it can be experienced in a new way.

Besides the usual description of love as an emotion, there is love as commitment.   The latter love has less emotion and more action. Commitment is tangible love.  So is writing.

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