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by on Dec.16, 2010, under Random Writings on Relationship

Metabolic physician, Dr. P, believes in giving supplements long before and long after any surgery, if surgery is needed. An obstetrics surgeon who ordinarily believes in removing a tumor, Dr. P said she trusted my instincts and respected my desires. Saying that I had the right personality and drive for this holistic approach, Dr.P heartily agreed to support me in making my body inhospitable to cancer.

In case cancer would spread, Dr. P did not want to rely solely on supplements for too many months without a CT scan. She suggested that it’s likely the tumor already has been there for years. That reinforced my conjecture that there needs to be fewer worries about urgency and more focus on saving my kidney. If it’s been going on for a while and it is still small, then it may not tend to grow quickly, I reasoned.

After Dr. P read my answers to a 22-page questionnaire, she thought the plan I devised was very good. Already I have been taking two supplements that she would have recommended for me if I had not been taking them already, the fermented wheat germ that blocks glucose from cells, and an immune booster. She approved of the wheat grass and tumeric.

Still, Dr. P recommended five additional supplements. One for oxygenating my lungs, one for estrogen metabolism, another is an enzyme that lowers inflammation, one is an homeopathic liquid for lung improvement, and another is a buffered vitamin C powder to lower inflammation. They all have multiple benefits for me and all create the hostile environment for cancer cells.

Spending over an hour with me, Dr. P tested my metabolism with a device before she drew up a plan that included five additional supplements plus the two key ones I was taking. Also, she gave me her e-address and several phone numbers to reach her if I needed anything. Every person I met at the office was exceptionally warm, upbeat and caring to me and to each other. They genuinely liked working there. It was a very unusual experience. I was given an individualized care manual to follow. It included a reading list, nutrition information with charts, phone numbers and email addresses for everyone in the office, etc.

Impressed with Dr. P, my husband Ed became a believer in this plan of action. With her many years of experience with cancer patients, Dr. P’s expertise helped Ed overcome his fears about my alternative plan. Now he thinks I made the wisest choice.

Ed reminded me that I have a lot to do in following this healing path with eating a severe diet, learning new food choices, taking the multitude of supplements, etc. I said it beats losing a kidney and experiencing many weeks and months of painful recovery from surgery.

Meanwhile, many changes were occurring within me. Since this was the tenth week of dealing with cancer, I had already lost ten pounds. Knowing I needed to enjoy everyday, many friends gave me wonderfully creative and healing gifts. And to remind myself of wellness, I kept in my office a mylar balloon that said “PARTY.”

Also, I continued my spiritual practices. One of them was, and is, to have fun, being aware of the enjoyment in each moment. Another practice is to rejoice in my generous and loving friends everyday.

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