Breaking Through Concrete

My book Breaking Through Concrete illustrates the invisible wounds from mental illness while seeing the gifts. Please share with people dealing with mental illness or know someone who is...

From Illness to Wellness

From Illness to Wellness
A ceremony for emotional wellness
This book is about supporting a person with a recent diagnosis. In a ceremony, the person moves from a focus on illness to the anticipated wellness with the support of others.

How you Start a Successful Writing Group

This book supports both those starting a writing group and those joining. In it, you find the benefits, and the boundaries, that keep the group participants safe and happy..

Thriving in Partnership

In Partnership
Beyond Struggle,
A Love Story.

Forthcoming Book

Listed below are some of my videos:

The Effects of Mental Illness on Society 5 minutes:

Brenda Adelman interviewed me (33 minutes):

Mothers, Mother’s Day and Mental Illness: 2 minutes My Facebook Group


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