• Receive support every step of this journey
  • Discover a peaceful perspective about your separation or divorce
  • Embrace a loving relationship with yourself
  • Learn a structure to support you in any relationship, present or future
  • Continue a cordial relationship, if desired, with your former partner
  • Free yourself from the usual revenge mode
  • Restore your powerful, playful aliveness
  • Liberate yourself from the victim mode
  • Ensure emotional health for your children
  • Return to the joy in your life quickly

Relationship Coaching is more than the cherry on your ice cream sundae.  It is more than the whipped cream and your favorite double dipped ice cream.  Coaching supports you in creating the size bowl that your best sundae life can fit in.  You decide how gigantic and delicious your life can be.  Come find out how you can do that.

What is in your way of having a delightful, pleasing, gratifying life?

Contact Marifran Korb and get your life where you want it to be.  When divorce is looming, your life may feel like a smashed ice cream sundae melting on the pavement.  Together with Marifran Korb, you can reshape your world. You can design a new container that holds more joy than you ever knew was possible.

Marifran has been where you are.  Handling it peacefully, she went through five years of separation while keeping a respectful and balanced relationship with her ex-husband.  That relationship did not end, it continued in a different manner.  Eventually that relationship break-up made a positive difference to everyone she came into contact.

Your relationship may need to end as it is.  Yet it may need to evolve into some contact if you have children who want to interact with both of you.  So it is imperative that you find a place in your life for this partner with whom you once loved.

Marifran Korb, out of her own experience, designed a structure that brings harmony for you.  Others have used it successfully.  Their lives are happier as a result.


” Due to Marifran’s coaching, I am present to what inspires me. Her coaching motivates me and returns me to who I am. I go from being stopped and being concerned, to being freed up and taking action. Now I am fulfilling what I am all about in my life, and my relationships.” ~ Steve Harrison

“I absolutely trust you. Who you are is a safe place for people.” ~ Tom Carman

“As always, it was very beneficial to talk to you, Marifran. Once again we REALLY appreciate your help!!” ~ Silvia and Joe Bennett

“Thank you for helping me put my moods in perspective. It was an enormous help. What would I do without you…and without counseling sessions. I would just be stuck. Thank you for passing on your learned wisdom.” ~ Ruth Ridolfo

“You’re easy to be with and have helped me discover myself in a whole new way. There is a lot to be gained from having an anchor in life, a private ear who only hears my greatness. Little by little, week by week, you Marifran Korb have made a significant difference for me in my life.” ~ Darold Turlock

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